Bbtitans Finale: Meet the Winner to clinch $100,000 grand prize

Finally, the Big Brother Titans is coming to an end today, after 76 days in the house fully monitored 24 hours daily with HD Close Circuit Television [CCTV] Cameras.

Today is Big Brother Titans [BbTitans] finale and the stage is now set to declare the winner of the maiden edition of Big Brother Titans, BbTitans reality TV show, this Sunday, as six housemates battle for the grand prize of $100,000, with various predictions placed on Kanaga Jnr as the "winner" of Big Brother Titans [BbTitans] 2023.

Bbtitans Finale: Meet the Winner to clinch $100,000 grand prize
Photo: BbTitans Finale [Live] Show; Faces of all the Six Housemates in the #BbTitansFinale | Image credit: Facebook - Big Brother Africa

The show, which premiered on January 15, 2023, in South Africa with 24 housemates is left with just six housemates who will be battling for the grand prize after last Sunday’s eviction of three housemates including Thabang, Justin and Blaqboi.

Interestingly, the lucky finalists are the trio of Nigerian Yvonne, Ebubu, and Kanaga Jnr and the trio of South African housemates, Tsatsii, Khosi, and Ipeleng.

This BbTitans finale is the first edition of two TV phenomena, BBNaija and BB Mzansi’ - BBTitans from inception is filled with an abundance of Nigerian and South African swag, banter, twist, romance, and everything in between. But after 76 days of the show, it’s better imagined than said if the show has lived up to its billing.

BBTitans on its own merit, can be said to have provided intense drama and entertainment for its viewers around the World.

Meanwhile, from the look of things , each of the six finalists stands a chance to coast home to victory, provided they have what it takes to win.

But for Nigerian housemates, what will work in their favour among others are the strength of their competitiveness, strategies and of course, being the viewers’ favourite. Though, not leaving the South Africans aside, as they as hit the ground running, not minding being their first time in the house.

What are the chances of all the Housemates in today's finale?

Starting with Kanaga Jnr, who narrowly escaped last Sunday’s eviction, having clinched the 4th lowest votes after Nana, Blue Aiva and Miracle OP who got evicted may spring up a surprise at the grand finale. His youthful appeal posture may be an added advantage to the model and aspiring actor.

Even as 28-year-old Yvonne is not backing down for any reason. Though many are certain she may be the first housemate to be evicted in the face of stiffer competition tomorrow. But as it were, Ebube is tipped to win the grand prize, not because he’s the first albino to come this far in the show, but because of his charisma and the most talked about housemate in this season. He was introduced to the titans house to the surprise of everyone and since then, he has remained the favourite of fans.

Checkout all the six finalists for the #BbTitans Finale. Video credit: YouTube - Daily News Tv

However, the Afrobeats singer has the likes of Khosi, Ipeleng and Tsatsii from South Africa to beat in order to clinch the grand prize. For anyone, Khosi and Kanaga Jnr are strong Contenders, who stand better chance to make history at the grand finale.

No doubt, there will be one winner at the end of the show, and the winner will he unveiled at the BbTitans Finale today. Could it be Nigeria’s Yvonne, Ebubu, and Kanaga Jnr or South Africa’s Tsatsii, Khosi, and Ipeleng?  The viewers' votes will surely judge today.

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