Opinion: How To Know When Children Started Having Sex

This article provides insight to romance among teens and how to know when Children started having Sex.

This purpose of this documented opinion a to provide an in-depth analysis to the subject of discussion and to have holistic views on the topic.
Opinion: How To Know When Children Started Having Sex
Opinion pull on how teen S@x

Sexual activity, which usually comes with s@xual intercourse has been one of the topics taking the centre stage for years, with more focus on the Children at their younger age who are already into such act.

For a young child of age 11 to 20, getting involved into s@xual activities is becoming more rampant in the World of today; though, there are still some of them in that age bracket that are still undefiled.

It is, to some extent believed that s@xual activities should come up only among Adults and couples, with less from those within age 11 to 20 (they are classified as Children for the purpose of this article). The age 11-20 bracket are still believed to be under the care of their Parents, so when such happens among the children, there are always some changes in the Childrens' characters, especially to their parents and society.

Here are the signs to see when Children start having sexual intercourse:

Is rudeness also a sign? What are other signs to notice? Daily News Report sampled opinions on some signs to watch out for, to know if a child has started having s@x.

Ms. Tomi said, "it is normal for most adolescent girls to exhibit rudeness at some point. It's a most confusing transitional stage of a child's Life. So not all rudeness is signs of sexual indulgence."

"As a matter of fact, many are not even rude when they have tasted it. They become more friendly, happy, always in high spirit and willing to voluntarily help out at home. This is particularly so for girls."

"Others become extremely secretive, distant and withdrawn. In all, there is no exact and proven sign to know."

While sharing his own experience when he was at the age bracket, Mr. Nathaniel said, "Most times for tennagers, they begin to develop unnecessary guts, they may have little or no respect for their superiors, always mindful of their looks; I mean their body and appearance anywhere and they are secretive.

"They beginning to be disrespectful and happy over something that is supposed to bring anger. I was once in that shoes."

Ms. Tomi added that, "The best thing is, try as a parent or guardian or as an elder to build a non-judgemental relationship with your kids, wards or younger ones, so they can always confide in you when stuff happens. That's the only way to know for sure."

Mrs. Evelyn, a-29-year old Lady shared her own opinion, which took her down memory lane. "Please, don't associate rudeness or outings with sex. I was once a victim of this. It is very normal for teenagers to rebel, the most destructive stage is the adolescent stage, I could remember that teachers, neighbors and my mom used to think that I had started having sex cos I was mostly in the company of boys, meanwhile I hated the thought of having boyfriend at such tender age. 

"Those days I was addressed as prostitutes, I never had a boyfriend, still I got to the university 5 years later. It was when we did a program in church that time, they said all virgins should come outside, that was when my parents and neighbors believed that I was a virgin. Stop associating adolescent hormone or rudeness to having sex."

In response to Mrs. Evelyn, Mrs. Sandra frowns on why her Pastor will call out Virgins. "I totally understand where you are going, but that your Pastor needs to understand that virginity doesn't mean someone is righteous. There are virgins that have not had a man penetrate them, but they've experienced all sorts of sexual pleasures.

"Virginity shouldn't even be a show off. So in order words, it's only the prayers of the Virgins that came out that will get to God's ears. It's a church, everybody should pray."

Mr. Frank, a pure and applied Psychologist gave more insights to the topic. According to him, he said it requires one to have an understanding of it, without only believing that rudeness, outing, secrecy, stubbornness, etc., are signs of s@xual engagement. He called those "trait in adolescents." 

While giving clues to some of the signs, he said, "Their body will be sweeting them most times, wanting to have Sex. Often smiling and doing some sexy moves each time they see the opposite gender. They lack respect at some point though, especially to their parents and elders. You will notice they start dressing neatly and always clean. When you send them errands, they will make sure thier legs are neat. Always laughing out loud unnecessarily. They also stay longer on calls, especially to their opposite Gender."

Mr. Edward added that, "Teenage starts from 13 and ends at 18. When a child around this age bracket starts having sexual relationship which is emotionally attached, they get withdrawn from there normal playfulness, they get more excited relating with adults and adult issues.

"Whenever you send them for an errand, they will wash their legs, change clothes and rub powder on the face. Those are my own signs though. But, certainly the level of neatness increases and some of them become more bigger in body sizes."

He also listed some of the possible signs as thus: "Lack of concentration, become conscious of vital parts of his or her body, starts concentrating more on her looks (mostly girls), sneaking around and lying to cover up, becoming rude at times, some of them also assume the position of an adult, rapid development of some vital parts of her body like breast..etc.. some of them could also be distracted in their Education and may start having low marks from school's test and exams.

"Privacy demand will also come in. They always want privacy and to be alone in the house.

They become withdrawn from parents so as to avoid unnecessary suspicion and questions. The girls will stop opening their body in front of their mum."

Adding her own points, Mrs. Adetola said S@x education is very important for the children, before they learn it from someone else, which she said could be terrible most of the time.

She however listed some of the signs, which she said are latest signs to watchout for nowadays. 

"You will discover the young male having so much interest in female and always wanting or interested in gist linking to female, he no longer want to feel like a child and will want to prove he is grown-up, he is an adult now and can take care of himself. In some instances, he can equates himself with those far ahead of him.

"For the female, the boldness she begins to exhibit, She now looks at a man right in the eyes without fear like she used to be, disrespect may set in between her and her equals from opposite sex, the terms she uses to greet may change to e.g- 'guy, how far, xup dear', in fact, the way she looks at older men without fear is more of the signs to watch out for these days."

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