Rape | meaning; causes, effects cases and solutions

This article is about rape, definition and it's effect. The post also highlights some rape cases around the world, causes and solutions to rape.

Do you know that apart from "Corruption", Rape has also gotten to the danger zone  as a menace in many Countries of the world.

Daily News Correspondent was privileged to meet and sample opinions of some people on the issue of rape rocking the Society.

Rape | meaning; causes, effects cases and solutions
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What is the meaning of rape? In a simple definition, Rape means to force sexual intercourse or any other sexual activities on someone.

Causes of Rape

Some of the identified causes of Rape are:
  1. High emotional Tension: The libido in most humans cannot be overemphasized, some Men/Women have high sexual urge which in most cases cannot be over controlled and at that same point passing through seduction from opposite sex. This can make him or her briefly reach a conclusion that forcing the opposite sex will make him/her satisfied.
  2. Revenge: Cheat breakups (Revenge): Some guys may think setting up a lady and raping her will let her realised how hurtful he experienced when she left him for another richer Guy/Men.
  3. Inability to understand the will and the word of God: According to Mr. Olayinka, he opines, saying "..all I can say about the issue you raised is that we should all pray that bad spirit shouldn't control our soul. All this crimes which people are committing are not just from their will. Some are under a spell, some is a kind of madness which can't be properly define."               
Psychologist, Dr. Ibukunnle explained Rape as "a forceful sexual intercourse without the consent of other party involved." To the Dr, he called It an Assault,  which may be caused by many factors:

The Other causes of Rape:
  1. Overexposure to nudity,
  2. Arrogance  on the part of Ladies,
  3. Absence of home training,
  4. Lack of fear of God.
Rape is a big act and crime against humanity, because victims of rapists will hardly forget it. 

According to Dr. Ibukunnle, solution to curb rape act should be "Capital Punishment/Life Imprisonment."

What are the Justice for Rape Victims?
How well and fast does a rape victim gets Justice, especially in Nigeria and some African countries. Report indicates that it takes time for rape case to get settled in Nigerian court. 

According to the Nigerian legal system on rape, the rape victim must prove to the court the penetration before been cross-examined by the Court for justice to be served. 

To prove a rape case is becoming deficult, even than the rape act. At times, it might even be difficult to pinpoint who is guilty or not due to the technicality of the case in most cases.

"Rape a behaviour that needs to be totally eradicated. This has been relating itself in this our dear Country. where our ladies are no more secured, where no capital punishment attached to it. I think Nigeria needs to wake up and let's reason together as a Country that will flourish; the lives of everybody should not be endanger due to rape," Comrade Stephen opined.

Still on the rape and the breakdown, a Pharmacist and psychologist, Dr. Emeka opined thus "Rape is just very bad, am not a good judge of character but psychological assessment is required then in court. Also, there jail term should be very long, giving capital punishment shouldn't be for everything only in cases of murder or terrorism or where raping cases is in an alarming rate."

Opnions on some common causes of rape:
Dr. Emeka said  "On random ones, some ladies are found of showing there private parts to lure some men into such act.  Yes! You are being  addressed the way your dressed.

"For you putting on Skippy, tight skirt and short trousers, what signal or message do you think it is sending?

"Aside that, some guys, do rape ladies for ritual reasons."

While highlighting the effects and aftermath of rape, he noted:

"The effects and aftermath of rape can include both physical trauma and psychological trauma.

"However, physical force is not necessarily used in rape, and physical injuries are not always a consequence. Deaths associated with rape are known to occur, though the prevalence of fatalities varies considerably across the world."

"For  rape victims, the more common consequences of sexual violence are those related to reproductive health, mental health, and social wellbeing."

These are the effects of  Rape in the Society:
  1. Physical  impact: This comes with deformation of the victim and the bad feelings.
  2. Gynecologic: Gynecology has to do with the study of Medical Problems of Women, especially the reproductive system, it's another branch of Medicine. Hence, the common Gynecologic consequences experienced by rape survivors include- Vaginal or anal bleeding, infection and Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
  3. Vaginitis or vaginal inflammation.
  4. Dyspareunia: It means painful sexual intercourse. 
  5. Vaginismus: This means a condition affecting a woman's ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration.
  6. Chronic pelvic pain: Victim of rape could experience pains in the bones all over their Body, which could cause discomfort.
  7. Urinary tract infections: Through rape, the victim is opened to infectious diseases in the (Penis) for Male and (Virgina) for female. This urinary tract infection makes the victim feel pains while urinating.
  8. Pregnancy: This is the most known one, the victim, especially with unprotected sex is 99% exposed to getting pregnant.
  9. HIV/AIDS: Acronym for human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), the virus comes through contact with blood, especially from intercourse. Hence, rape victims are prone to this virus and the Virus drains blood and weaken the cells in the body; leaving the victim to different diseases and untimely death.
Watch: How law stigmatizes rape case | Video credit: YouTube

These are the solutions to Rape:
  1. Sex Education: In a quest to profer solutions, Parents are advised to engage in "sex education" to their children. ladies should be modest in their dressings and guys should be more careful.
  2. Prayer: Dr. Emeka added that "We should be more prayerful because Rape is a spirit. This Country needs to be baptized;  people are just too " desperate.
  3. Awareness and publicity from Government, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations: It is believed that if Government, Parents, NGOs and Individual should focus attention more on curbing rape, by increasing the awareness and dangers in rape, the story could change to reduce the menace of rape around the world.

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