Editorial: Education Decline and Terrorism Holding Nigeria into Ransom

The crisis between the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU and Federal Government may not be ending anytime soon as legal battles continue.

As the battle continues, the lockdown of all Varsities remain, though some Varsities are reopening following the Court judgement that ASUU school go back to classroom immediately.

Two Factors affecting Nigeria are Low Education and Insecurity

Before we discuss all the developing stories around ASUU, FG and the Court, let us take a look at how the ASUU Strike and insecurity, which are ravaging Nigeria space may affect the Country and need for Federal Government to act fast.

The popular saying goes thus "The level of Education will determine the level of development in a Country; you can't give what you did not have"

Adding to it that, "Likewise no Country can develop in her full capacity under insecurity". These tell how Education and Security work hand-in-hand.

For Nigeria, both decline in Education and high insecurity are holding the developments of the Country and Nigerians into ransom. Logically, over billions of naira budgeted to tackle insecurity remained unaccounted for; just as insecurity keep rising to the level where Nigerians can not sleep with their two eyes closed.

Education on the other hand remained under financed. This system has remained unproductive for many years. Most recent is the almost Eight Months ASUU Strike rocking the Nigeria's Varsities. Yet, Nigerian Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities- ASUU are both yet to reach a positive agreement towards ending the strike.

Talking on the recent development, it is no longer News that FG sued ASUU and the National Industrial Court ruled that ASUU should return back to the classroom immediately. Many Nigerians are pretty aware the case will be made to favour Federal government. But, is the legal battle the solution? Of course NOT.

Taking ASUU to court will only worsen the situation. Forcing lecturers to teach is like forcing a Doctor to operate on a patient, the outcome will not go nice.

As expected, ASUU is hoping to file an appeal and stay of execution to the judgement. Should this be granted, it means ASUU will not carry out the judgement (Returning to Class), untill the appeal is held. The Court will decide that as ASUU prepares to file the appeal.

Both Education and good Security keep a Country growing, especially economically. But, with FG and ASUU holding Education into ransom, while Bandits and Boko Haram and other Terrorist Groups hold security at their own disposal, Nigeria can not be Progressives compared to when all used to be working well.

With insecurity, no Government can build on any projects for development. Whatever is built under insecurity will be ruined and destroyed by the same insecurity. Hence, Security comes before development.

Likewise, one of the ways to curb insecurity is through good Educational system. An uneducated child is possibly and quickly exposed to joining cults, bandits and better recruited into Boko Haram. 

When you fund Education, you are indirectly reducing crime rate on daily basis.

The best is to further resolve the ASUU Strike through dialogue. Should Federal Government insist on Court as its last resort and the case later favour the Academic Staff Union of Universities, this will give ASUU more strength to hold their fists and fight till the last battle, while Students suffer this as all Varsities will be totally shutdown.

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