Editorial: Is The South-East Still Part Of Nigeria?

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South-East And The Quest For Presidency|Origin of Nigeria

Coming together as "Nigeria" is a "white marriage" that raises some questions. A married giving birth to Six geopolitical zones: South-West, South-South, South-East, North-East, North-Central and North-West. This union properly linked to "Federalism"; as captured in the 1999 Nigerian Constitution (as amended). But, the practice is more of "Unitarianism" in nature.

For six geopolitical zones coming together as federating units, well-meaning Nigerians would believed rotation in the political power should be more of "constitutional" than "conventional"; that is, for fairness, equity and Justice.

How could Political Parties' Constitutions capture zoning as important and such party ruled for years without inserting zoning into the Nigeria constitution?

But, it appears that five of the geopolitical zones have eaten the birthright of the South-East; or we rather say the South-East chose to sell their birthright for cheap Cash and regular political appointments!

Overtime, the South-East was sometimes given Vice-president; an act which many Nigerians, not only the South-East believed that the 2023 Presidency be zoned to the South-East. But, most of the political parties looked away.

In reality, it even appears the South-East are the ones making themselves cheap to be bought; this is visible in most of the just concluded Parties' primaries. At least, the likes of David Umahi, Peter Obi, Ogbonnaya Onu, Nwajiuba Chukwuemeka, among others came out to contest; some on fake contest, some were rejected, some left the Party, but many of them stepped down for South-West and Northern Presidential candidates. Are the South-East still part of the marriage that gave birth to Nigeria?

The marginalization in Nigeria has led to series of agitations, with groups calling for secession; which is not possible Constitutional, because Nigeria is Practicing "Federalism" and not "Confederalism".

At least, we have heard of the Biafran Nation and Oduduwa Republic. But, it appears the South-West is awake of their slumbers; are the South-East awake? 

To be opened to reality, the only equity and fairness which will show the oneness in Nigeria is for a South-East Presidency in 2023, opinion suggest.

History of Past Presidents in Nigeria

Going down the memory lane, since 1999, South-West have ruled with Obasanjo for (8Years), Northern President ruled with Yaradua (2 years) and Buhari (8 Years), with South-South having Jonathan for (6 years). With this, it is believed that the South-East ought to be given their fair share to feel their sense of belongingness.

Why South-East (Igbo) can't become President

Facing reality, it appears the South-East is now the current dumping ground, as most of the bigger Political Parties do source their potential "Vice-Presidents" in the South-East.  Though, among the leading Presidential Aspirant is Mr. Peter Obi, who is from the South-Easthern part of Nigeria.

Just as I drop the pen, I ask where to find the answer to my BIG QUEST: is South-East still part of Nigeria? If yes, "Where is their birthright?"

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